Teen Programs

Our Teen Groups offer something for everyone, but no matter the group, our goal is the same…We support & develop youth so they can be ethical, caring & successful adults.  We do this by creating a space that guides Youth Development in five areas: Emotion Management, Responsibility, Personal Development, Relationship Building and Empathy!

Like many social things in our daily lives, things at the Y will be a bit different.  Social distancing and gathering guidelines are currently still in effect in our community and they will be at the Y too!

No more than 15 people, including program staff will be allowed in the Teen Center or Programming space.  We will work hard to separate groups and staff so that all can participate. As we work through these changes, please stay with us and be flexible; we will do the same! Watch for more programming to be added as social distancing guidelines change!

Teen Staff are available everyday from 4:00-7:00pm with group choice during non-structured times.