Special Olympics

Special Olympics In Muscatine

Special Olympics provides activities for people with Intellectual Disabilities, so they may make connections with people in their community.  Special Olympics is an International program of year-round sports and athletic competitions for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  There are approximately 130 individuals involved in the Muscatine County Special Olympics program.  Special Olympics athletes are men, women, boys and girls.  They are like other athletes.  They train and compete.  They learn to win and to lose.  They strive to do their best.  They inspire us.


We are taking every precautionary measure to ensure the health and safety of our athletes. Information changes on a daily basis so we will be updating any changes to our YMCA website and our Facebook page.


Our world is different and sports are no exception. As we wait for things to get better, let us REFLECT on the past moments that mean so much to us. Sports inspire us, teach us, bond us and keep us moving. 

The truth is this: times are tough. There   are no easy answers or solutions. However,  competition has always taught us to persevere and push through, even in challenging times.  Workouts in the past have been tough, but we did RECOVER.    We haven’t always won on the playing field, but we learned. Our competition was fierce, but we persevered.   

Special Olympics of Muscatine has been a strong community for 50 years. And as a community, we are focused on getting through these challenging times, returning safely, so we can RISE stronger. Let’s keep moving, let’s keep being active, let’s keep eating right and making good decisions. So when it’s time to return, we will be ready!



Special Olympics Iowa is extending the suspension of all in-person training and competitions until further notice. The decision to extend the suspension is never easy, however, the health and safety of our athletes are of the utmost importance. 

While we are not returning to practices and competitions yet, Special Olympics Iowa is working on a “Return to Play” plan. We are hopeful to begin implementing this plan late this fall. 

Up-to-date information can be obtained by contacting the YMCA at 263-9996 or our Facebook page.

Special Olympics offers training and competition opportunities for every athlete, regardless of gender, age or ability.  No matter what the ability level, there is a benefit from Special Olympics.  No matter what the interest—there is a sport for you.  Prior to participation in the program, a Special Olympic athlete must complete an application and release of information form.  These forms can be received from Jason Miller, Special Olympics Program Director, at the Y.