Personal Training

 Each session package will include:
· Initial consultation
· Individualized program
· Designated number of one-on-one sessions with an experienced trainer
· Each session approximately 1 hour, two people at same time approximately 1 1/2 hours

Let us help you meet your health and fitness goals and get the most from your workouts!
For those who continue their Personal Training sessions, a 10% discount will be given for additional 3 & 5 session packages.  Please note that only personal trainers employed by the Muscatine Community YMCA can provide personal training within the Y programs and facilities, and sessions must be scheduled through the Personal Training Coordinator.  For two people, both must be same fitness level & goals.
Member: 1 person Personal Training  Prices:
3* Session:  $85.00
5** Session:  $122.00
Nonmember: 1 person Personal Training Prices:
3* Session:  $158.00
5** Session:  $227.00

Member: 2 Person Personal Training Prices (Per Person):

3* Session:  $80.00
5** Session:  $117.00

Nonmember: 2 Person Personal Training Prices (Per Person):
3* Session:  $148.00
5** Session:  $217.00

*  Includes Body Composition Analysis (body fat/lean % using our biometric impedence body composition analyzer) for each individual.
**  Includes Y’s Way to Physical Fitness analysis with tests for resting heart rate, blood pressure, body composition, step test, flexibility, abdominal strength, upper body strength, and endurance.  A complete report on your relative fitness rating is also provided.